Girls Cross Country Team Visits CES

The girls’ presence and message had an amazing effect on our students. The girls entered our gym with their gold medals swinging around their necks giving out high fives as they took two victory laps around our students.  The girls started off by introducing themselves individually and telling us who their favorite teacher was when they were at Cambria or Jackson Elementary. Students cheered as they heard their teachers’ names being called.  It was a sweet reminder to our staff of the influence they had on these girls in elementary school.

Once introduced, Mr. Rakar took a moment to remind our students that “each one of these girls all started off right where you are now, as elementary students at Cambria and Jackson Elementary.  They were no different than you. These girls made good choices in elementary school and worked hard to become who they are today. If you work hard in school, set goals and become a good teammate, you can do the same”.   

The girls took over the program with confidence.   Each team member had a moment with the mic to deliver a special message to our students.  Some of the topics covered were; working hard in school, doing your homework, being respectful to others, being a good teammate, setting goals, eating healthy, proper sleep, being physically active and being proud to be a Red Devil.  What was most impressive about this message was how attentive the students where while the girls spoke.

Coach Wilson was introduced and talked to our students about what makes his girls so successful.  He talked about the important of eating, sleeping and training hard. He mentioned to students to not compare themselves to others, but to do their personal best by putting forth their best effort.  He then had his team complete a stretching and strength circuit using volunteers from our student body. It was great seeing the team work hand in hand with our students. The team closed out the program in a team huddle which ended with a loud and thunderous Red Devils!

This was a great opportunity to feature our Girls State Championship Cross Country team at our building.  These girls are some of the best role models we have in our district and it’s only right that our students have the opportunity to meet them and hear them speak.  We hope to continue to feature our high school leaders within our building with similar programs in the future. Thank you Coach Randy Wilson and the 2018 AA State Championship Girls Cross Country Team for visiting our students!

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