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Central Cambria Curriculum Plan


    We strive everyday to offer a curriculum that includes:


*Strict alignment to Pennsylvania Core Standards through Unit Plans Developed by Teachers


*Continuous learning through effective collaboration among the schools of this district


*Continuous access for all students to sufficient programs and services of library/media facility and classroom collection to support the educational programs


*Guidance and counseling services for all students to assist in career and academic planning


*A continuum of educational programs and services for all students with disabilities


*Language Instruction Educational Program for English Learner students, regulation and Board policy


*Equal educational opportunity for all students


*Career awareness and vocational education


*Educational opportunities for identified gifted students


*Regular and continuous instruction in required safety procedures



The Framework for K-12 Program Guidelines can be accessed HERE


Elementary School Curriculum Materials:


Reading -

K-5 “Wonders” Curriculum


Math -

“Go Math” Series


Social Studies -

Using nonfiction books to incorporate literacy with Social Studies facts and knowledge


Science -

ASSET, Inc - curriculum and kits



“Inventionland” Curriculum, “Lego League”


Assessments -

  1. DIBELS -
  2. Running Records -
  3. Formative -
  4. PSSA for grades 3-5 -  

Response to Intervention - Small group instruction based on individual needs



If you have more questions regarding the elementary curriculum, please contact the Cambria Elementary Principal at 814-472-8432 or the Jackson Elementary Principal.