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By incorporating STEM and Problem-Based Learning Activities into our everyday curriculum, our students are gaining the foundation they need for a bright and prosperous future.


-100th Day - building a tower with 100 cups.

-March - Constructing a rainbow with pipe cleaners & play dough to hold a “pot of gold” (a cup with pennies). Students are to see how many pennies they can hold on their Rainbow!

-April- Bird Nest - Students use pipe cleaners, a cup, and a bird (Easter peep). They have to build a nest with the pipe cleaners to balance the peep on the nest.

-May (possibility)- Students will construct a roller coaster that will carry a marble from the

            top to the bottom.

Ideas for next year:

  • September - Apple raft
  • October- Candy tower
  • November - Thanksgiving dinner table
  • December - Shelf for the elf
  • January- Snowball structure
  • February - Candy box


1st Grade

-Elf Traps collaborating with fourth grade/gingerbread house construction

-100th Day Lego Building Activity

-Tower Building-Solids and Liquids Science Unit

-Weather Unit


2nd Grade

-States of Matter

-Life Cycle of a Butterfly


3rd Grade

      -Ideas and Inventions

      -Rocks and Minerals


      - Embryology


4th Grade

-Electric Circuits

-Individual STEM activities for holidays off TPT (Candy corn towers, Marshmallow/Spaghetti Towers, Cup Stacking Towers,etc.

- We have STEM small bins to use it was a set bought off Teachers Pay Teachers to use at the end of the school year.

-Discussing ideas that they use at Jackson to implement here for next year


5th Grade



-Properties of Earth

-Simple Machines